ANSI  American National Standards Institute
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers
API  American Petroleum Institute
ASTM  American Society for Testing Materials
AARH  Arithmetical Average Roughness Height
ASB  Asbestos
AWWA  American Water Works Association

BB  Bolted Bonnet
BBE  Bevel Both Ends
BC  Bolted Cover
BE  Bevel Ends
BM Base Metal
BOM Bill of Materials
BW Butt welding

CA  Corrosion Allowance
CE  Carbon Equivalent
CMTR  Certified Materials Test Report
CL  Class
CON  Concetric
CS  Carbon Steel
CVN  Charpy V-notch

DBB  Double Block & Bleed
DI  Ductile Iron
DIB  Double Isolation & Bleed
DFT  Dry Film Thickness
DRL  Double Random Length
DSS  Duplex Stainless Steel
D&S  Disc and Seat
ECC  Eccentric
EFW  Electric Fusion Weld
ERW  Electric Resistance Weld

FBE  Fusion Bonded Epoxy
FF  Flat Face
FLEX  Flexible
FLG  Flange
FT  Feet

GALV  Galvanized
GO  Gear Operated
GR  Grade
GRVD  Grooved
GS  Galvanized Steel

HAZ  Heat-Affected Zone
HBW  Brinell Hardness, Tungsten Ball Indenter
HEX  Hexagonal
HIC  Hydrogen-Induced Cracking
HP  High Pressure
HRC  Rockwell C Hardness
HVY  Heavy
HV  Vickers Hardness
ID  Inside Diameter
IN  Inch
IR  Inner Ring

LJ  Lap Joint
LP  Low Pressure
LR  Long Radius
LTCS  Carbon Steel (Low Temperature)

MSS-SP  Manufacturers Standardization Society – Standard of Practice
MAX  Maximum
MI  Malleable Iron
MIN  Minimum
MOD  Modified
MP  Middle Pressure
MPI  Magnetic Practice Inspection
MPD Maximum Pressure Differential
MT  Magnetic Particle Testing
MTC  Mill Test Certificate
N  Normalizing
NACE  National Association of Corrosion Engineer
NB  Nominal Bore
NBR  Nitrile Butadiene Rubber
NDE  Non Destructive Examination
NPS  Nominal Pipe Size
NPT  National Taper Pipe Thread

OR  Outer Ring
OS&Y  Outside Screw and Yoke
OD  Outside Diameter

PBE  Plain Both Ends
PE  Plain End
PQR  (weld) Procedure Qualification Record
PSL  Product Specification Level
PT  Penetrant Testing
PWHT  Post Weld Heat Treatment

Q  Quenching

RB  Reducing Bore
RF  Raised Face
RJ  Ring Joint
RT  Radiographic Test

SCH  Schedule
SCRD  Screwed
SMLS  Seamless
SMYS  Specified Minimum Yield Strength
SO  Slip On
SR  Short Radius
SRL  Single Random Length
SS  Stainless Steel
SSC  Sulphide Stress Corrosion
STD  Standard
SW  Socket Weld

T  Tempering
TBE  Threaded Both Ends

UT  Ultrasonic Testing

WB  Weld Metal
WN  Weld Neck
WPQ  Welder Performance Qualification
WPS  Weld Procedure Specification
WT  Wall Thickness
XS  Extra Strong
XXS  Double Extra Strong