Can we meet at Tube China Expo?

June 14-16, 2023 Tube China Shanghai New International Expo Center Our company was an exhibitor in 2018. We have no plans to participate in the exhibition this year, but we will still be there to visit. Meet old friends and make new ones. Contact me: Sam Cui +86 1303 1891 590

Do you need heat treatment service in China?

In May 2020, we opened a heat treatment plant, which mainly serves the local flange & fitting factories. In our city, there are many small factories. They make flanges and pipe fittings, but they don’t have heat treatment equipment. We have four trolley type resistance furnaces with internal diameters of 1) 4000mm×2000mm×1850mm, 2) 4000mm×1400mm×1200mm, 3)…