Pipe cutting & beveling machine

pipe cutting and beveling machine

This split frame clamshells is heavy duty. The long-outside annular structure is applied in the machine, it is easy to install and disassemble, specially intended for heavy wall pipes with high wall-thickness in heavy duty applications. This portable pipe lathes use cold cutting principle that eliminates any heat affected zone. The drive mechanism with special design can make high-strength cutting and service life longer, it can meet the different requirements by assorting with pneumatic or electro motor,The machine split frame is made from aluminum which is extremely low weight for easy handling and lifting and are versatile in application and can perform many operations. The machine provides a fast metal removal rate and high working speed which presents the economical manufacturing solution.

1) The split frame design allows it to separate mount around the od of the in-line pipe for strong stable clamping.
2) This pipe cutting machine is easy to use, one operator can mount and dismount the machine on pipe within minutes.
3) This pipe cutting and beveling machine has excellent stability and enhanced gear heat treatment to ensure expanded machine life.
4) Cold cutting and beveling.
5) Metal spinning minnesota is suitable for cutting all kind of materials, from cast iron, high strength alloy, to stainless steel.
6) This portable pipe lathes have several models available, covering OD from 2″  to 30″ (780mm), wall thickness can reach up to 6″(150mm).
7) Three power sources available for different application: Hydraulic Station, Pneumatic, and Electric.
8) Especially useful for large diameter pipes.