Do you need heat treatment service in China?

In May 2020, we opened a heat treatment plant, which mainly serves the local flange & fitting factories. In our city, there are many small factories. They make flanges and pipe fittings, but they don’t have heat treatment equipment.

We have four trolley type resistance furnaces with internal diameters of
1) 4000mm×2000mm×1850mm,
2) 4000mm×1400mm×1200mm,
3) 2000mm×1400mm×1200mm,
4) 1500mm×1200mm×1000mm.
The maximum furnace temperature can reach 1250℃.

After more than two years of operation, our heat treatment plant has developed into a reputable heat treatment plant. Many foreign customers who purchase flange pipe fittings in our local, designated our factory for heat treatment. The factory has grown from 500 square meters to 2,000 square meters.

Business scope: carbon steel (A105/WPB)normalizing, alloy steel(F22/F91/92) normalizing and tempering, pipeline steel(WPHY52/60/65/70) quenching and tempering, low temperature steel(A350 LF2/A420 WPL6) quenching and tempering, double phase steel and austenitic stainless steel (S32205/S32750)solution, nickel base alloy (N08800/N00810/N08825/N06625/N04400)annealing.

If you are purchasing flanges & fittings in China, maybe you can entrust the heat treatment business to us. Please contact us freely.