Material Certificates are required for all pressure containing components and as a minimum shall include;
– Chemical Analysis by Heat
– Mechanical Properties
– Heat Treatment Statement and Number
– Non Destructive Test results
– Hydrostatic and/or Pneumatic Test results
– Heat or Melt Number
In addition, where NACE MR0175/ ISO 15156 requirements are specified, the following shall be certified for sour service.
– Compliance with NACE MR0175/ ISO 15156 and any additional requirements listed in Appendix 1.

A.1.1 For Sour Service carbon steel and low alloy steel, NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 shall be applied.
A.1.2 CS (Carbon Steel) shall be Killed Carbon Steel (including LTCS).
A.1.3 PWHT shall be applied to CS and Low alloy steel. (PWHT temperature shall be minimum 610℃
and 620℃ for CS and Low Alloy, respectively.)
A.1.4 Sour service requirement and PWHT shall be applied for cladded CS and Low alloy steel also.
A.1.5 HIC test is required for plate (including cladded CS) and welded piping “component” only.
A.1.6 Additional requirements in accordance with NACE MR0175/ISO 15156
1) CS Plate (including welded piping made by CS plate)
HIC shall be as per NACE TM0284 with Solution A of NACE TM 0177.
Criteria of HIC Test Results: CLR ≤ 15%, CTR ≤ 5%, CSR ≤ 2%
Sulfur content : max. 0.003% wt
※ For 241, 270 Unit;
– Sulfur content : max. 0.002% wt
– Phosphorus content : max. 0.010% wt
2) CS seamless piping
Sulfur content : max. 0.01%wt
3) CS forging
Sulfur content : max. 0.025%wt
If A105, hardness : max. 187HBW
4) If A234 grade WPB and WPC for fitting, hardness: max. 197HBW
5) External bolt/nut : A193 Gr.B7M or A320 Gr. L7M / A194 Gr. 2HM or 7M
6) CS seamless wrought fittings shall be finished in normalized condition.

The above technical requirements come from customer inquiries