13CrMo4-5 (EN 10216-2)

EN 10216-2 Seamless steel tubes for pressure purposes – Technical delivery conditions – part 2: Non- alloy and alloy steel tubes with specified elevated temperature

This Part of EN10216 specifies the technical delivery conditions in two categories for seamless tubes of circular cross section, with specified elevated temperature properties, made of non-alloy and alloy steel.

Steel Grade: 13CrMo4-5  Steel Number: 1.7335

Chemical composition (cast analysis)a, in % by mass

C: 0.10-0.17 b

Si: ≤0.35

Mn: 0.40-0.70

P: ≤0.025

S: ≤0.020

Cr: 0.70-1.15

Mo: 0.40-0.60

Ni: ≤0.30

Al total: ≤0.040

Cu: ≤0.30 c

a Elements not included in this Table shall not be intentionally added to the steel without the agreement of the purchaser, except for elements which may be added for finishing the cast. All appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent the addition of undesirable elements from scrap or other materials used in the steel making process.

b For wall thickness≥30mm the carbon content may be increased by 0.02% for cast and product analysis.

c Option: In order to facilitate subsequent forming operations, an agreed maximum copper content lower than indicated and an agreed specified maximum tin content shall apply.

Heat treatment:

Normalizing at 900 – 960 ℃ + Tempering at 660 – 730 ℃

Cooling medium: air

Mechanical properties

Tensile properties at room and below room temperature

Upper yield strength or proof strength ReH or RP0.2 for Wall Thickness T min.

Wall thickness mmMpa
T ≤16290

Tensile Strength, Rm, Mpa: 440 to 590

Elongation A, min. %:


Impact properties(option):

Minimum average absorbed energy KV J at a temperature of 20℃


Minimum proof strength Rp0.2 Mpa at elevated temperature ℃(option)

Wall thickness, mm: ≤60

 Temperature Mpa

Tolerance on outside diameter and wall thickness

For outside diameter: ±1% or 0.5mm whichever is the greater

For wall thickness:

For outside diameter D≥355.6 mm it is permitted to exceed the upper wall thickness locally by a further 5% of the wall thickness T

Tolerance on exact lengths

Length LTolerance on exact length
L ≤ 60000, +10
6000<L ≤120000, +15
L>120000, by agreement