An order of steel mesh reinforced PE pipes and electro fusion fittings was delivered

This order was delivered on Jan.5th, 2019.

1steel mesh reinfocced polyethylene pipe (smr-PE),110mm outer dia,PN-166000
2steel mesh reinfocced polyethylene pipe (smr-PE),75mm outer dia,PN-163000
3SMR-PE-pipe,50mm OD PN-164000
4SMR-PE-pipe,25mm OD PN-164000
5SMR-PE-jointing Machine for 25mm to 160mm pipe jointing1
6SMR-PE-Coupler,110mm CO,PN16900
7SMR-PE-‘T’,110mm OD,PN1620
8SMR-PE-Bend 90°,110mm CO PN-1630
9SMR-PE Bend 45°,110mm OD PN-1620
10SMR-PE Elbow,110mm OD,PN1620
11SMR-PE-Reducer form 110mm OD to 75mmOD,PN-1620
12SMR-PE-Reduter form 110mm OD,to 50mm OD,PN-1615
13SMR-PE-Reduter form 110 OD to 25mm OD10
14SMR-PE-Matching flanges with nut bolts,110mm OD,PN-1660
15SMR-PE-Coupler 75mm outer Dia750
16SMR-PE-“T” 75mm OD,PN-1650
17SMR-PE Bend 90°,75mm OD30
18SMR-PE-Bend 45°,75mm outer OD20
19SMR-PE-Elbow 75mm OD,PN-1630
20SMR-PE-Reducer form 75mm OD to 50 mm OD,PN-1630
21SMR-PE-Reducer,75 to 25mm OD30
22SMR-PE-Matching Flanges with not bolts etc,75mm OD,PN1660
23SMR-PE-Coupler 50mm OD,PN-161000
24SMR-PE-“T” 50mm OD,PN-1650
25SMR-PE-Bend,90°50mm OD,PN-1650
26SMR-PE-Bend 45°50mm OD,PN-1650
27SMR-PE-Elbow 50mm OD PN-1650
28SMR-PE-Reducer form 50mm to 25mm OD50
29SMR-PE-Matching flanges with nut bolts etc,50mm OD PN-1650
30SMR-PE-Coupler,25mm OD,PN-161650
31SMR-PE-‘T’,25mm OD PN-16100
32SMR-PE-Bend 90°25mm OD PN-16150
33SMR-PE-Bend 45° 25mm CO,OD,PN150
34SMR-PE-Elbow,25mm OD PN150
35SMR -PE-Matching flanges with nut bolts etc. 25mm OD PN-1650