ASTM A537 Standard Specification for Pressure Vessel Plates, Heat-Treated, Carbon-Manganese-Silicon Steel

This specification covers heat-treated carbon-manganese-silicon steel plates intended for fusion welded pressure vessels and structures.

Material under this specification is available in the following three classes:

ClassHeat TreatmentThicknessYield Strength, min,Tensile Strength,
ksi (MPa)ksi (MPa)
1Normalized≤2.5in.( ≤65mm)50 (345)70 (485)
>2.5 in.-4in.(>65-100mm)45 (310)65 (450)
2Quenched and tempered≤2.5in.( ≤65mm)60 (415)80 (550)
>2.5 in.-4in.(>65-100mm)55 (380)75 (515)
>4 in.-6in.(>100-150mm)46 (315)70 (485)
3Quenched and tempered≤2.5in.( ≤65mm)55 (380)80 (550)
>2.5 in.-4in.(>65-100mm)50 (345)75 (515)
>4 in.-6in.(>100-150mm)40 (275)70 (485)

Chemical Requirements

C,max A0.24
1½ in. [40 mm] and under in thickness: B
Heat analysis0.70-1.35
Product analysis0.64-1.46
Over 1½ in. [40 mm] in thickness:
Heat analysis1.00-1.60
Product analysis0.92-1.72
P, max,A0.035
S, max,A0.035
Heat analysis0.15-0.50
Product analysis0.13-0.55
Cu, max
Heat analysis0.35
Product analysis0.38
Ni, max, B
Heat analysis0.25
Product analysis0.28
Cr, max
Heat analysis0.25
Product analysis0.29
Mo, max
Heat analysis0.08
Product analysis0.09

A  Applies to both heat and product analyses.

B Manganese may exceed 1.35 % on heat analysis, up to a maximum of 1.60 %, and nickel may exceed 0.25 % on heat analysis, up to a maximum of 0.50 %, provided the heat analysis carbon equivalent does not exceed 0.57 % when based upon the following equation:

CE=C + Mn / 6+ ( Cr + Mo+ V ) / 5 + ( Ni + Cu ) / 15

When this option is exercised, the manganese and nickel contents on product analysis shall not exceed the heat analysis content by more than 0.12 % and 0.03 %, respectively.

Tensile Requirements

Class 1 ksi(MPa)Class 2 ksi(MPa)Class 3 ksi(MPa)
Tensile strength:
≤2.5in.( ≤65mm)70-90(485-620)80-100(550-690)80-100(550-690)
Yield strength, min:
≤2.5in.( ≤65mm)50(345)60(415)55(380)
Elongation in 2 in. [50 mm], min, %:B
≤4in.( ≤100mm)222222
Elongation in 8 in. [200 mm], min, %,B18CC

A Product is not available in this size range.

B See Specification A 20/A 20M for elongation adjustments.

C There is no requirement for elongation in 8 in.