ASTM F468 F468HF

ASTM F468 Standard Specification for Nonferrous Bolts, Hex Cap Screws, Socket Head Cap Screws, and Studs for General Use

Grade: F468HF

UNS Designation Number: N04400

Alloy number: 400

General Name: Ni-Cu Class A

Chemical Requirements (Composition, %)

C: 0.30

Cu: balance

Fe: 2.5

Mn: 2.0

Ni: 63.0-70.0

Si: 0.5

S: 0.024

A Elements shown as balance shall be arithmetically computed by deducting the sum of the other named elements from 100.

B Cobalt is to be counted as nickel.


Mechanical Requirements of F468HF


Full-Size TestsMachined Specimen Tests

60–95 HRB

Tensile Strength, ksi

Yield Strength,min, ksiTensile Strength, ksiYield Strength,min, ksi

Elongation in 4D, min,%



“HF” denotes a hot-formed product.