E215/E235/E355 – EN10305-4

EN 10305 – 4 Steel tubes for precision applications – Technical delivery conditions – Part 4: Seamless cold drawn tubes for hydraulic and pneumatic power systems

This part of this European Standard specifies the technical delivery conditions for seamless cold drawn steel tubes of circular cross section used in hydraulic and pneumatic power systems.
Tubes according to this part of this European Standard are characterized by having precisely defined tolerances on dimensions and a specified surface roughness.
The allowed pressure rates and temperatures are the responsibility of the customer in accordance with the state of the art in application of the safety coefficients specified in the applicable regulations, codes or standards.

Chemical composition (cast analysis)a
Steel nameSteel numberCSiMnPSAl
E355 b1.05800.220.551.600.0250.025

a Elements not included in this Table(but see footnote b) shall not be intentionally added to the steel without the agreement of the purchaser except for elements which may be added for finishing the cast. All appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent the addition of undesirable elements from scrap or other materials used in the steel making process.
b Addition of Nb, Ti and V are permitted at the discretion of the manufucturer. The content of these elements shall be reports.

Mechanical properties at room temperature

Steel nameSteel numberYield strengtha ReHTensile strength Rmelongation A
E2151.0212215290 to 43030
E2351.0308235340 to 48025
E3551.0580355490 to 63022

a For tubes with outside diameter ≤ 30 mm and wall thickness ≤ 3 mm the ReH minimum values are 10 MPa lower than the values given in this Table.
NOTE: The steel grades defined in this part of EN10305 have an intrinsic minimum transverse impact energy of 27 J at 0℃.