Flanged tee, 10″ Sch160/80 tee with 10″ Class900/600 WN flange

Flange tee is welded with WN flanges on the three ends of a seamless tee. The manufacturing standard of seamless tee is ASME B16.9, the material standard is ASTM A234 WPB, and the manufacturing standard of WN flange is ASME B16.5, the material standard is ASTM A105. The flanges are ring type faced class600 and class900 high pressure flanges.

Provide flange and tee quality certification documents(MTC), ITP quality inspection test plan, WPS, PQR, dimension inspection report, X-ray inspection report.

The finished product is sprayed with black paint for rust prevention in long-distance sea transportation.

Exported in fumigation-free plywood cases.