Pipe fabrication of tank cooling ring system

Pipe spool – cooling ring system made from steel pipes and fittings.

Materials: ASTM A106B seamless steel pipes, 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″,3″,4″, std thickness. A105 class150 weld neck flanges, A234 WPB sch40 fittings.

Fabrication: Cutting, beveling, bending, welding, galvanizing.

Documents supplied: MTC of pipes, flanges, fittings. WPS, WPQ, PQR.

Inspection: 100% Visual Inspection and quantity verification. 100% Dimensional check of materials. 100% Weld Visual & Dimensional check. 10% RT for full penetration butt weld. 100% Hydrostatic pressure test. 10%Thickness measurement of Zinc after galvanizing.

pipe fabrication