St35.8 and St45.8

Standard: DIN 17175

Grade: St35.8, St45.8

Chemical composition

ElementsSt35.8 (1.0305)St45.8 (1.0405)
P  max0.0400.040
S  max0.0400.040


Mechanical properties

Steel gradeTensile properties at room temperatureImpact properties
Upper yield stength or proof strength ReH or RP0.2 for Wall Thickness T min. MpaTensile Strength Rm MpaElongation A min. %Minimum average absorbed energy KV J at room temperature
T ≤1616<T≤4040<T≤60ltt
St35.8235225215350 to 480252334
St45.8255245235410 to 530211927