We work on enquiry of factory-made induction bends from SNGPL

factory made bends

Factory Bends (3D) API-5L, Gr-B, 22-1/2 Deg, PSL-1
12″ dia 0.250″ WT, 30 pcs
Factory Bends (3D) API-5L, Gr-B, 45 Deg, PSL-1
8″ Dia 0.219″ WT, 125 pcs
12″ dia 0.250″ WT, 40 pcs
16″ Dia 0.250″ WT, 76 pcs
Factory Bend (3D) API-5L, Gr-B, 90 Deg, PSL-1
16″ Dia 0.250″ WT, 35 pcs
Factory Bends API-5LX, Gr.X-60-(5D), 90 Deg, PSL-2
16″ Dia 0.281″ WT, 6pcs
16″ Dia 0.344″ WT, 16pcs
Factory Bends, (5D), PSL-2, 45 Deg
16″ Dia 0.344″ WT, 16pcs
Factory Bends API-5LX, Gr.X-60-(5D), 45 Deg, PSL-2
16″ Dia 0.281″ WT, 35pcs
16″ Dia 0.344″ WT, 6pcs
18″ Dia 0.375″ WT, 4pcs
Factory Bends, Gr.X-70-(5D), 45 Deg, PSL-2
24″ Dia 0.375″ WT, 30pcs
Factory Bends API-5LX, Gr.X-60-(5D), 22.5 Deg, PSL-2
16″ Dia 0.281″ WT, 22pcs
16″ Dia 0.344″ WT, 16pcs
Factory Bends, Gr.X-70-(5D), 22-1/2 Deg, PSL-2
24″ Dia 0.375″ WT, 10pcs

Factory Bends (SNGPL Procurement SPECIFICATIONS)

Factory Bends shall be formed by Hot (Induction) bending process. Minimum wall thickness of product (bent pipe) shall not be less as described in the schedule of requirement. Finished bends shall have a minimum of 1 feet straight/tangent portion on either end of bends Beveled Ends shall conform to ANSI B16.9 and ANSI B31.8.

Base/Starter (Parent) Material
High Yield Strength Low Alloy Carbon Steel pipe conforming to API Spec 5L (Grades as in the SOR) with Weld Seam factor of 1.0. Base material shall be 100% on-line ultrasonically tested by the pipe manufacturer. Spiral-Weld pipe as Base/Starter (Parent) material shall not be accepted. Bidder shall confirm name of the parent pipe manufacturer and wall thickness, type and grade of the parent pipe used for bend manufacturing and submit proof of being in the line of manufacturing of relevant pipe diameter wall thickness and grade for last five years.

Bend Pipe Dimensional Tolerance
Dimensional tolerances are restricted to the limits mentioned hereunder:
Ovality (Diameter) (a) Bent Part: +1.0%, -2.0%
(b) Tangent/Straight Position: +1.0%,-1.0%
Max allowed Wall Thinning on Bend extrados: 5-10% of parent pipe
(provided minimum wall thickness of bend, at any point, is not less than S.0.R.)
Bending Radius (Maximum): +1.0%, -2.0%
Bending Angle (Maximum): +0.5°, 0.5°

Heat Treatment:
Bent pipes shall be heat treated to restore mechanical characteristics to the original status of API Spec 5L (Grades as in the SOR). Hardness of bent pipe shall be restored to that of base material and stress relieving shall be carried out. Weldability status of bends shall be the same as of base material as specified in the SOR.

Non destructive examination: Ultrasonic, Radiographic and Magnetic Particle testing shall be carried out on bent body (Extrados), Bevel End and Weld Seam after bending process.
Finished surface of bends shall be free of cracks, buckling, waviness and warping.

Bends shall be marked with indelible paint for following information:
Manufacturer/Fabricator’s name
Purchase Order No.
Outside Diameter
Wall thickness
Material Grade
Bend angle

End Protectors:
Bevel ends shall be protected with tight-fitting end protectors.

The manufacturing unit must be accredited with IS0 9001 or IS0 9002, a certificate for the current period must accompany bids. Technical literature/brochure of the manufacturer, in original, giving details of the offered bends must be furnished along with the bid.