Flanged HDPE100 pipe, DN250,SDR11 supplied from LUFENG

All Polyethylene (hereafter referred as “PE”) materials, hence pipes and flanges, shall:
– Conform to relevant DIN Norms;
– be of PE 100 (HDPE) material grade of black colour;
– Originate from 100 % virgin PE material (NO recycled material allowed);
– Have a density of at least 950 g/dm3
If no otherwise mentioned, the construction particular’s as built values (for each individual item) are to be within +/- 1 % of nominal values. Items exceeding min. or max. values are to be replaced by the Supplier with conform ones.
Dimensions of bare pipes:
External diameter (OD) = 250 mm (min. 249,00 mm ; max. 252,00 mm)
Wall thickness = 22,7 mm (min. 22,00 mm ; max. 24,00 mm)
Internal diameter (ID) = 204,6 mm (min. 204,00 mm ; max. 205,00 mm)

Stub End PE Flanges:
Tail Wall thickness = 22,7 mm (min. 22,00 mm ; max. 24,00 mm)
Internal diameter (ID) = 204,6 mm (min. 204,00 mm ; max. 205,00 mm)
External Tail diameter (OD) = 250 mm (min. 249,00 mm ; max. 252,00 mm)
Flange OD = 320 mm (+/- 3,5 mm)
Total Length = 150 mm (+/- 3 mm)
Flange thickness = 25 mm (+/- 2mm)
Shoulder Chamfer OD = 270 mm (+/- 3mm)
Flanges shall be welded straight (in alignment) with common axis:
Maximum Flange vs. Pipe axes distance = 1 mm center to center distance
Maximum Flange vs. Pipe alignment divergence = 1° deviation angle

Welding Seam internal recut:
The operation shall be performed cold (after complete cooling of the welding seams)
The grinding operation shall be performed carefully, without hurting the PE pipes nor flanges. Take a look at these yanmar excavator parts you may need for your project.
Wounds of more than 1 mm depth are prohibited. Minor surface scratches are acceptable.
The grinding operation shall be performed smoothly, without risk of structural not mechanical damage of the material. No cracks (even microscopic ones) shall appear, PN10 standard performances (if not PN16) shall be respected. See annexed Scheme.
Internal surface unevenness < 1,0 mm (observed at internal bump recut location)

Metal Back Rings:
Two metal flanges (One-piece metal rings – NO split-rings) will be mounted onto each pipe prior welding of the stub ends.
External diameter (OD) = 400 mm or 405 mm (max.)
Internal diameter (ID) = 279 mm
Holes circular distribution axis = 355 mm
Suitable for PE 100 – PN16 pipes of DN 250
Thickness = 22 mm
Number of Holes = 12
Holes diameter = 26 mm
Back Ring Material = Hot dip galvanized quality Steel

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Bolts length = 170 mm
Bolts normed diameter = M24
Bolts material = Hot dip galvanized quality Steel
One bolt is constituted of 1 screw and 1 nut.
For each Pipe unit are provisioned 12 + 1 = 13 bolts.

Washers external diameter = 60 mm
Washers internal diameter = 26 mm
Washers thickness = 3 mm
Washers material = Hot dip galvanized Steel
For each Bolt are provisioned 2 washers.

Pipe junction Gaskets:
Gaskets will be produced by a specialist Manufacturer.
The gaskets are suitable in material and design for HDPE PN16 pipe flanged junctions.
Gaskets external diameter = 329 mm (+/- 1.5 mm)
Gaskets internal diameter = 204 mm (+/- 1.5 mm)
Gaskets thickness = 3 mm (+/- 0.2 mm)
Gaskets material = Quality Natural Rubber (NR)
2 Gaskets per Pipe will be supplied (50 pieces for 25 pipes)

Dimensions of finished flanged pipes:
Flanged pipes must in the end respect a specific length:
Total Length of finished flanged pipe = 11.900 mm (+/- 5 mm)
The equipment is produced taking into account a most tight loading into 40’ HC Container.
Water tightness:
Individual products (pipes and stub ends are to be and remain fully watertight and failure free under PN16 normed conditions of use (pressure of 16 bars). The same applies to the flanged pipes (after welding). The complete set of pipes shall be suitable for easy watertight assembly, following the Supplier’s assembly instructions and using the provided original accessories solely.
Accessories summary:
Together with each Pipe section will be comprised the following items and quantities:
-2 Stub ends (welded, welding job and internal bump final recuts included)
-2 Back rings (pre-mounted prior welding)
-12 + 1 bolts sets comprising each 1 Screw + 1 Nut + 2 large washers
– 2 Natural Rubber Gaskets
The above standing accessories together with one piece of Pipe are herein referred as one “Complete Pipe Set”.
Packing of products:
Bolts sets are duly packed in wear and tear resistant boxes or bags, suitable for international and long distances transportations.
Gaskets are delivered a rigid, shock resitant and pressure resitant package (box) in order to avoid damage during transport among heavy loads.
Supplier Marking:
No logo nor manufacturer’s mark shall stand on the equipment.